Isle of Man 2007
RJ Roadracing | sidecar racing originating from the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
RJ Roadracing has been passionately racing since 2001 with NGRRC, a move up the classes in 2004, southern 100 in 2006 and 1st isle of man race in 2007! RJ Roadracing has had an ambitious start with steep learning curves met on the way!
the ambition doesn’t stop here. RJ Roadracing news!
2017 races:
 11th March Brands Hatch
 18th March Brands Hatch
 2017 - Isle of Man      
TT Stats:
Year            position               passenger
2016            did not compete
2015            race 1 9th                Aki Aalko
                    race 2 9th                Aki Aalko
2014            race 1 17th              Baz Bevan
                    race 2 10th              Baz bevan
2013            race 1 9th                Baz Bevan
                    race 2 DNF               Baz Bevan
2012            race 1 5th                Ken Edwards
                    race 2 7th                Ken Edwards
2011            race 1 DNF               Ken Edwards
                    race 2 9th                Ken Edwards
2010            race 1 11th              Mike Aylott
                    race 2 7th                Mike Aylott
2009            race 1 DNF               Ken Edwards
                    race 2 cancelled       Ken Edwards
2008            race 1 29th              Mat Buckley
                    race 2 36th              Mat Buckley
2007            race 1 37th              Mat Buckley
                    race 2 36th              Mat Buckley